belmont range

belmont poolThe Belmont pool is the perfect fibreglass swimming pools for family fun or adult relaxation. The depths available in the Belmont pool range are from 1m to 1.86m making the Belmont a fairly deep pool if depth is something thats important to you. Note the lovely classic shape of the Belmont? This pool has the WOW factor and is perfect for the family that loves to entertain.
Whether you’re looking for a WOW factor swimming pool design for the kids to play in or a place to entertain guests, make sure you consider one of our Belmont range of swimming pools to enhance your outdoor living space and take summer fun to a whole new level of enjoyment.

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Belmont Pool Size

If you're planning on having a new swimming pool before summer then now is the time to act. Over 60 fibreglass POOLS in our range we're sure to have a swimming pool to suit your needs.